Learning and Teaching at JGU

"Making people fit for the future"; this motto defines what Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has in mind for its students. Ensuring they have the necessary qualifications to be generally employable and able to compete in the international marketplace while also making sure they develop on a personal level – these are the aspects on which JGU places its emphasis. Among other things, this is achieved by focusing as much as possible on research-oriented courses that give students the chance to participate in research. The aspect of research-oriented teaching is one of the unique selling points of JGU.

In line with these principles, JGU has created a differentiated course structure which targets the various demands of academic and non-academic careers. In all three phases – Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies – the university makes sure its students become familiar with working on a wide range of research topics of differing sizes and levels of difficulty. JGU also places major emphasis on teaching what exactly constitutes good academic practice.

In order to ensure overall high levels of quality in learning and teaching, JGU has undertaken the following in recent years:

  • Developed and implemented a standardized teaching strategy throughout the university
  • Introduced a system accreditation and the systematic evaluation of courses, teaching and the examination procedure
  • Established the Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC) as a strategic instrument for enhancing teaching, academic teaching skills and course structures
  • Promoted innovative teaching and learning projects
  • Developed an all-encompassing, professional information and advisory system
  • Introduced a university-wide study and examination administration organization
  • Introduced an integrated campus management system
  • Introduced suitable measures for the development of its academic and non-academic staff

JGU is therefore well on its way to fulfilling its accountabilities with regard to its academic mandate and social responsibilities. The university provides its students with a high-quality curriculum, an excellent social and cultural framework as well as structures that are both transparent and focused on student success.